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Kudos for NextStepETC from our students and friends

  Kudos from Andi:

  Kudos to My Cowboy
  Summer 2011
  The summer between my senior year of highschool and my freshman year of college (2011), I spent       every weekend at Don’s barn. My mission was to learn anything and everything I could about                 horsemanship; however at the end of the summer, I had gained so much more than that!  

  Before each lesson we would review videos and catch up on articles of Downunder Horsemanship. We   would then go out and practice with Don’s horses. My hands on experience was maximized because       Don had three different horses with three completely different temperaments. I began my summer         working with Miss Cheena, a lovely paint which Clinton Anderson would label as a “cold horse”. Once I   graduated to the next level, I was able to work with Austin, a beautiful quarter horse. Austin is               considered a “hot horse” and through him I was able to build my confidence working with more             intimidating horses. By the end of the summer I was able to work with sweet CJ, a gorgeous young         appaloosa. 

  At the end of my time spent with Don, not only had I improved my horsemanship skills but I also grew     greatly as a person. As every horse-crazed person knows, each horse has their own way of teaching       us humans a lesson and all three of them helped me in their own unique way. Don’s patience for me I     feel was never ending. His passion for horses and teaching is beyond admirable. 

  Thank you Don for all you have invested in me!
Kudos from Allison (Savanna Bleu)

In 2002 I was involved in a very bad horse accident while riding in the grape vineyards in California. We were out walking and enjoying the beautiful day when all of a sudden we were in full gallop. I came off our Mustang named Jack that day and by all rights should be dead. My love of horses turned to fear that day and I never expected to or even thought about getting on another horse. The extent of my training, back then, was get on and hold on. I never thought about training for myself I figured if the horse knew what to do then I’d be safe, WRONG assumption and so far from the truth. In moving back to Texas we ended up in Elgin in a house that had 5 horse stalls. We joked around about someday getting a couple horses, but deep down inside I was still scared to death and just went along with the talk. Well,back in October my friend Tom decided it was time to put those stalls to use and bought his very first horse, an ex barrel horse named Hudson. I watched Tom start his lessons with Don from NextStepETC and the horse bug came back with avengeance! I watched my best friend, who had never really ridden a horse, learn ground work, we laughed about him learning to trot, but the real kicker was when I watched Tom working Hudson and saw Hudson join up with him. That did it for me. I had never ever experienced anything like that and had to have a horse I could bond with like that. I found a BEAUTIFUL sorrel mare named Dixie who is 19 yrs old and fell in love the minute I saw her. Now remember deep inside I was still scared to death and had no idea how in the heck anyone was ever gonna get me back on a horse. I started my lessons with Don from NextStep in March of this year and what he has help me accomplish is nothing short of amazing. I told Don “I never ever ever want to trot just walk” and before I knew it I was learning groundwork, the one rein
stop and now I am trotting! If back in 2002 I had been taught any of this I might not have had that awful wreck. Training is very important for you as a rider and for your horse. Learning along with your horse is the best way to accomplish your goals and be safe. It is never too late to begin this journey, take it from this XX year old woman who thought her riding days were over if it’s in your heart it’s never too late to start!Training with Don has been awesome and I recommend him for all level of riders.So, come on out to NextStep and check out Hudson, Dixie, Austin, China, CJ and see first hand what Tom and I have learned and what is possible for you too!
Savannah Bleu

Kudos from Danielle Friend

Hi, NextStepETC!!! Today was my first visit to NSETC and I am truly amazed!! I am the owner of a 26 yr old retired barrel horse, whom I have ridden, and trained since I was 3 yrs old, and I am now 25. So you would think ive seen it all growing up around horses BUT i will absolutely say Don at NextStepETC has opened my eyes to a truly amazing way of horsemanship and training. His horses are so well mannered, (much better than mine, i have to admit it even tho i dont want too lol) they are beyond well trained with ground work and in saddle riding!! Don spent maybe an hour working with me while I rode Austin, one of his geldings, and I learned more in that amount of time than I ever have with any other trainer. Literally. Now, I am used to fast paced rodeo riding so I listened to every tip and command Don instructed me to do, which lead me to really understand how well mannered and trained his horses are. I can only hope to learn much more from NextStepETC and look forward to working and riding such well behaved horses. There was nothing but positive energy in the arena! I strongly suggest this organization to anyone, no matter your riding level NSETC will teach you something great and leave you craving more! Can't wait to return next week!! :)

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